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Autism Respite Services

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Second Chance Homecare Autism Respite Services provides a periodic, short-term break for caregivers of individuals with autism or autism disorders and their families. Such a break is beneficial for both caregivers and their loved one with autism, allowing a time of renewal and rest for the whole family. Our services lend much-needed support to families and caregivers while broadening the social experience of autistic individuals by introducing new people, specially trained in care for the autistic, in a safe, familiar environment. That environment can be the family home or in the community at specific times or for specific purposes.

Our respite services are customizable and flexible, focused on the individual needs of the autistic person and the family. These services can include personal care, assistance with the activities of daily living, and socialization skills. We serve autistic individuals of all ages and their families.

Second Chance’s care team includes a Autism Specialist/Autism Consultant who provides assessment, care planning, and oversees care.

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How We Help

Our services are as varied as the needs of our clients, but all are focused on helping improve the quality of life for the person with autism and the entire family. They include:
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Personal care: bathing, feeding, dressing, hygiene skills.
  • Medication assistance
  • Accompanying to community outings
  • Independent living management
  • Establishment of routines and maintaining consistency
  • Providing reinforcers and rewards
  • Minimizing behaviors using the least invasive methods

Benefits of Our Autism Respite Services

  • Reduces stress for families and caregivers
  • Used on a regular basis, respite care can help autistic children, youth, and adults to develop outside relationships and improve socialization
  • Promotes independence